Incident Reports
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Incident Reports

Copies of incident reports (or "case reports" or sometimes even "DHC's") may be obtained from the Citizen's Service Office. The office is located in room E100 on the first floor of the east (police) wing of the City-County Building at 50 North Alabama Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Copies of the report are $7.00 each.

There are numerous incident reports made every day and any information you can provide will narrow down the search for a particular report. If you have the case number or CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) number please bring it! Otherwise you need to know the correct date, time and location and perhaps the name of the officer who took the report. If you do not have any of this information Citizen's Service might still be able to locate the correct report, but it will take longer. Any questions should be directed to the Citizen's Service Office at (317) 327-3591.

Incident Reports are also available on-line at Pay.Indy.Gov using a credit card. Online reports include the officer's narrative. The database contains incident reports from the past 3 years.