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Council members are appointed by the Mayor and shall be persons with disabilities, a​dvocates for the mission of the council, service providers to persons with disabilities, or representatives from the Indianapolis business community. 

Mayor's Advisory Council on Disability meetin​gs are always open to the public.

The Mayor’s Advisory Council on Disability (MACD) affects positive change through community partnerships that promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Indianapolis. The core values of the MACD are collaboration, relationship building and education.

The council currently has 16 council members that serve.
Chairperson - Kelly Samson, Connect 2 Help 211
Vice Chairperson - Case Calvert, CICOA: Aging & In-Home Solutions Board Member
Secretary - Brian Petraits, Bosma Enterprises
At-Large Member -  
At-Large Member - Andy Leffler, INTRAC-Relay Indiana 

Full Council Members
Ayden Jent, Department of Minority & Women Business Development​ 
Colin McIntire
David Heard Jr. 
Emily Munson, Indiana Disability Rights
John Dickerson, ​​
Laura Medcalf, Easter Seals Crossroads
Lucille Moore
Michael Perkins, Indianapolis Public Library
Paula Haskin, IndyGo​
Sarah Chestnut, INARF, Ability Indiana​
Suzanne Guimond
Membership Application / Nomination Form


If you would like to be considered for membership on the Mayor's Advisory Council on Disability (MACD) or nominate an individual, you can apply online. Simply provide the information requested below and then press SUBMIT. If you have any questions or comments about this form, you can send them to us through the "Feedback" link at the bottom of this page.

If you prefer, you may also request a hard copy of this form by contacting Jesse Miller, Coordinator of the Office of Disability Affairs at 317-327-5591 or by mailing your request to:

Jesse Miller, Coordinator, Indianapolis Office of Disability Affairs
200 East Washington Street, Suite 2460
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Executive Committee of the MACD will review each potential appointee before submitting recommendations to the Mayor, who will determine final appointments.

Applicant/Nominee Personal Contact Information
Nominating Party Contact Information
Please describe the applicant/nominee's experience with disability issues:
Please list the special talents, skills, qualifications, and personal attributes the applicant or nominee will contribute to the MACD:
Why do you wish to apply for the MACD or to nominate this person for the MACD?
Is the applicant/nominee able to attend approximately 10 meetings per year and to be actively involved in subcommittee work?
Please list any memberships or offices the applicant/nominee has held in professional, trade, or private organizations or clubs:
Does the applicant/nominee or any of his or her family members currently have a direct or indirect monetary interest in any contact with the City of Indianapolis or Marion County, other than a contract of employment?
If yes, please explain:
Applicant/Nominee Business Contact Information