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Organizing A Neighborhood CrimeWatch BLOCK CLUB:

A Block Club is a self-help cooperative effort to reduce crime and fear of crime. This is achieved by citizens, law enforcement, and local government working together. Members of a Block Club are not asked to be vigilantes or to assume the role of the police. However, they assist law enforcement by OBSERVING AND REPORTING.

The following requirements must be completed in order to establish a CrimeWatch Neighborhood Block Club:

  1. A meeting with a District CrimeWatch Specialist.
  2. A meeting with the District Community Resource Liaison Officer.
  3. A membership roster submitted to the CrimeWatch Specialist.

Determine Interest:
There are some preparations to make before scheduling a meeting with the CrimeWatch Specialist, which will help organize a successful Block Club. If you are interested, please contact your IMPD District CrimeWatch Specialist to get started!


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