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​Key Ratings

The Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank uses three rating agencies to assess the credit worthiness of an issuer. The three agencies are:


 Key Ratings                                                                                    Moodys/S&P/Fitch

  Full Faith & Credit General Obligation                                 Aaa/AAA/AAA

  City of Indianapolis Moral Obligation                                   Aa2/A/AA

  City of Indianapolis General Obligation                               Aaa/AA/AAA

   Airport                                                                                            A1/A/A

   Consolidated TIF                                                                         Aa2/A/AA

   Indy Roads                                                                                     AAA (S&P)

   CIB                                                                                                   Aa3/AA-(Moody's /S&P)

   Health & Hospital                                                                        Aa1/AA+/AA+ (GO Rating); 

                                                                                                              Aa1/AA+/AA     (Lease Rating)

    Fall Creek TIF                                                                               A/AA- (S&P/Fitch)

    Storm Water District                                                                  AA+/AA+ (S&P/Fitch)

    Fort Harrison                                                                                Aa3/AA