Required Inspections
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Required Inspections

Request an Inspection: (317) 327-5525
Construction & Inspection Questions: (317) 327-8700

Building Construction Inspections

Construction must remain available for inspection at least 48 hours. Section 536-402

Structural (STR)

  • Footer: Called after footer is formed and/or trenched.
  • Framing: Framing, all crafts and firestopping are in but prior to placing insulation and wall covering.

Electrical (ELE)

  • Under Slab: All under slab work is completed but prior to covering is placed.
  • ROUGH: All electrical boxes are set and wires pulled or conduit in place.
  • Self-Certification Tag: Connection of power (Licensed Electrical Contractor)

Plumbing (PLM)

  • Under Slab: All or any under slab work is completed but prior to covering.
  • Rough: All above slab runs are in place but prior to covering.

Heating/Cooling (HTG)

  • Under Slab: All or any under slab work is completed but prior to covering.
  • Rough: All above slab runs are in place but prior to covering.

Wrecking (WRK)

  • Fill Inspection: After structure with a basement is wrecked, prior to placing fill in hole and sewer line cap visible.
  • Rough Grade: After structure without a basement is wrecked, prior to grading and sewer line cap visible.

Final Inspection

  • A final inspection is requested by submitting a Certificate of Completion and Compliance (Completion Card).

Permit Extension

  • The permit applicant of a building permit for ongoing work that is nearing expiration and not at a stage ready for inspection (as per the requirements of Section 536-402), may request an extension in writing to the Department of Code Enforcement. Section 536-213
  • An expired building permit may be reinstated for a fee. Phone 327-8700.

Permits, Plans & Address

  • The address and permits shall be posted on site and visible from the street. Construction plans shall be at the site. All shall be protected from damage and elements of weather. During early stages, the building permit numbers and address may be painted on a board and posted until protection can be attained. Sections 536-210 & 536-824
  • Prior to the commencement of construction for which a listed contractor is not required to obtain a building permit because of an exemption provided within Section 536-201, shall meet all requirements as prescribed within Section 536-216.
  • All work shall reflect the design as submitted to receive the permit. Any changes shall be submitted to the Department of Code Enforcement for further review. Section 536-217
  • Homeowners of a 1 or 2 Family structure may request and receive an inspection of construction within 90 days of completion. The person requesting the inspection must be willing to be present during the inspection. Section 536-405

Infrastructure Inspections

Driveway (DRV)

Right of Way (ROW)

  • A right of way permit (ROW) which excludes excavation must be activated by the permit holder and construction may not begin until the permit is activated. The permit must be posted on site.
  • The work must begin within three (3) working days of activation of permit. If, after activating the ROW permit, the work will not be started within the three (3) working days, the permit holder shall contact the inspector assigned to the township where work will be located to deactivate the permit. (Regulations for Activities in the Public Right of Way, Section 17.03)