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High Weeds and Grass (HWG)


The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (BNS) enforces the Environmental Public Nuisance Ordinance (Chapter 575 of Revised Code) for the control of high weeds and grass (HWG) on private property in the City of Indianapolis. Vegetation over 12 inches in height is considered a violation of the ordinance.

You can report HWG to the Mayor's Action Center by calling 327- 4MAC (4622) or by going to RequestIndy. A BNS inspector will follow up and inspect the property.

If the inspector determines that a HWG violation exists, a Notice of Violation will be issued.

Picture of Weeds before Mowing

From the date the Notice of Violation is mailed, the property owner has ten (10) days to abate the violation. After the ten (10) days, a mowing vendor will conduct a site inspection. If the property owner has abated (mowed) the property, the vendor documents via photography the property owner has come into compliance and notifies BNS. The violation is closed. If the property owner has NOT abated (mowed) the property, the vendor documents the violation via photography and immediately mows the property. The vendor will provide BNS with before and after photographs.

Picture of Weeds after Mowing

If a mowing vendor cuts the grass, the property owner will receive an invoice for at least $363 from the City of Indianapolis for mowing and administrative costs. If an invoice is not paid, the City will file a lien against the property for collection with the next property tax payment.

Searches may be conducted for properties with an open High Weeds and Grass case. Any property listed indicates a violation was present at the time of inspection, but may not currently be present if the City and/or property owner/occupant has abated the condition. Properties the City has abated will be automatically rescheduled for inspection for compliance with Chapter 575 of the Revised Code of the Consolidated City of Indianapolis and Marion County. This file is updated on a weekly basis.

See how you can help control High Weeds and Grass in your community in this special public service announcement.

Department of Business and Neighborhood Services
1200 Madison Ave., Ste. 100
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Fax: (317) 327-5174
Email: weedsquestions@indy.gov

Automated High Weeds and Grass Help Line: (317) 327-5577

Rain Garden & Native Planting Area Program

The Rain Garden and Native Planting Area Program is a voluntary program created by the city to encourage residents to use native plants in their yards to reduce storm water problems and improve environmental quality. Participants in the program register their rain garden or native planting area, and upon approval by the city, receive a sign to display in their yard. For more information on this program, please email raingardens@indy.gov or visit www.indy.gov/sustainindy and click on “Water and Land,” then “Green Infrastructure,” and then the “Rain Garden and Native Planting Area Program.” You may also call the Urban Conservationist at 327-4000.

City Owned or Land Bank Properties

The Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) is actively marketing City Owned or Land Bank properties through RenewIndianapolis.org to find an owner committed to the long term health of that property and the community.  DMD continues to work to improve the conditions of its lots and asks you notify them by calling the Mayor's Action Center at 327- 4MAC (4622) or by going to RequestIndy, if there are five consecutive weeks without a mow. Thank you for your patience as the City works to identify a long term ownership plan for these properties.

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