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While the infrastructure review takes place (if required), submittals are often made to the Indiana Department of Fire and Building Services for a State Design Release so that once the infrastructure review is complete, the Improvement Location Permit (if required) and the Structural permit can be reviewed together. A copy of the State's General Administrative Rules, which outline the State's design release procedures and guidelines, can be obtained from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Fire and Building Services. Their offices can be reached at (317) 232-1431 and are located at 402 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

With some projects, it is possible to obtain the structural permit on the same day submitted. For the structural permit, we will need to see four (4) sets of the construction plans that were submitted to the IDFBS for the state design release as well as two copies of the state design release letter.

If you wish to submit through our drop off policy, mail such submittal to our offices with attention to the Permitting Section. Upon receipt, we will assign a tracking number to reference for any query into the status of the project.

EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1, 2009, a pre-permit plan review is required for all Class 1 Structures (commercial, industrial, and multi-family) prior to receiving a building permit