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To establish a formalized plan and implementation strategy designed to reduce the number of abandoned and vacant houses in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area; that includes immediate, short-term and long-term actions to preserve and enhance safety and appearance of our community. To partner with our community to promote safety, crime prevention and protection of life, property, and the rights of all our citizens.

Due to the scope of this problem the action plan of vacant and abandoned homes in Marion County will be a working document. The recent foreclosure crisis amounts to over 8,000 properties over which the City has no control.

Mayor Greg Ballard is committed to addressing these related challenges and has outlined an action plan that is designed to identify, stabilize, secure, and promote reinvestment in chronically vacant and abandoned property throughout Marion County. This action plan is centered on the City of Indianapolis leading in several primary areas:

1. Enforcing the Unsafe Building Law to deter and mitigate property abandonment;
2. Providing for public safety to stabilize neighborhoods;
3. Providing leadership to leverage resources and achieve shared objectives;
4. Attending to the condition of public infrastructure to provide a positive environment for investment;
5. Securing abandoned properties through the tax sale and other processes;
6. Strategically assembling properties to meet development and redevelopment objectives; and
7. Leading, managing and coordinating redevelopment planning for Marion County.

The City plans to keep citizens advised as we make progress in these areas. To see what we have accomplished pleas go to Press Releases.