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Frequently Used Forms

  • Certificate Of Completion 2014 (word)
    Upon completion of all work on a project, this form is completed by the Project Sponsor, the homeowner, the contractor and the Rehabilitation Specialist.  It is then submitted with the claim for reimbursement of eligible expenses.  Failure to submit this form with the claim will cause its return to the Project Sponsor.

  • Davis-Bacon Payment Request-2014 version (Word)
    If a project is Davis-Bacon eligible, this form must be completed by the Project Sponsor and submitted with each claim form to receive eligible reimbursement expenses.

  • Davis-Bacon Applicability Review-2014 version (Word)
    This form is completed by the Project Sponsor and sent to the Davis-Bacon Compliance Monitor. This is a requirement for all CDBG and HOME projects over $2000 in scope. 

  • Environmental Review Request (Word) Completed by the Project Sponsor, this form must be sent to the City Environmental Review Officer along with a photograph of the project building/area.  This must be done prior to ANY WORK beginning on a project.  The City will issue a Rehabilitation/Construction Approval Form based on the Environmental Review, which will serve as a notice to proceed on the project.

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