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Community Development

The Division of Community Development, within the Department of Metropolitan Development, administers grants made available from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In doing so, the division completes reports and works to help its project sponsors remain in compliance with HUD regulations.

Community Development largely divides its staff into teams to handle each of the entitlement grants received by the City. Each team is responsible for writing the performance-based contracts, monitoring each project, and completing all financial work and accounting for its respective grant.  The division's compliance team assists with the task of ensuring that construction projects are meeting code compliance standards on both a long-term and regulatory basis. The remainder of the staff manages other competitive grants or manages other construction projects that coincide with the five main grants in the division (CDBG; HOME; Continuum of Care (CoC); HOPWA; and ESG.)

The Community Development Division also administers the Indy Land Bank, an effort by the Division and the City to help return troubled properties to productive and economically viable uss, eliminate public safety hot spots and improve the quality of life in Indianapolis neighborhoods

Human Services 2015 Application​ - due by noon 8/24/2015
CDBG Public Service-Community Center Application 
-due by noon 8/24/2015

CDBG Public Service-Youth Application​​      
-due by noon 8/24/2015
CDBG Homeowner Repair Application -by noon 8/24/2015
CDBG Request for Proposals -due by noon 9/11/2015
Investment Program Access Priority 2015
HOME Requ​est for ​Proposals​ ​-due by noon 9/11/2015
Homeownership Pro-Forma 2015
Rental Pro-Forma 2015
Investment Program Access Priority 2015

Information, Forms and Publications

 Housing & Development Survey 2015

Hardest Hit Fund

Multi-Family Housing Tax Credit Application

NSP1 Substantial Amendment for Public Comment- Please review the attached NSP1 Substantial Amendment at the following link:

NSP1 Substantial Amendment

NSP1 Substantial Amendment Revision 3


NSP3 Substantial Amendment Revisions

NSP3 Document Link

Indianapolis Housing Trust Fund Notice
Letter of Intent for Housing Trust Fund

NSP 3 Final Application with Public Comments
NSP3 Final link (may take a minute to load)

UNWA-TIF Development Implementation Plan
UNWA TIF Plan (may take a few minutes to open)

Abandoned Housing
Abandoned Housing Action Plan


NSP Performance Reports

NSP Quarterly Reports
2nd Qtr 2009
3rd Qtr 2009
4th Qtr 2009
1st Qtr 2010
2nd Qtr 2010

3rd Qtr 2010
4th Qtr 2010
1st Qtr 2011

2nd Qtr 2011
3rd Qtr 2011

4th Qtr 2011

 1st QTR NSP 2012

  2nd QTR NSP 2012

3rd QTR NSP 2012

4th QTR NSP 2012

 1st QTR NSP 2013

 2nd QTR NSP 2013

 3rd QTR NSP 2013

 NSP 3 Quarterly reports

2nd QTR NSP3 2011 

3rd QTR NSP 3 2011 

4th QTR NSP3 2011
1ST QTR NSP3 2012

3rd QTR NSP3 2012

4th QTR NSP3 2012 

 1st QTR NSP3 2013

1st QTR NSP3 2013

2nd QTR NSP3 2013

 3rd QTR NSP3 2013


4th QTR NSP3 2013

 The NSP Plan for Indy:
Indy NSP Plan

Target Areas for NSP funds:Target Areas for NSP Funds-Map

Presentations from the Redevelopment Planning CouncilPresentation #1
Presentation #2

Presentation #3
Planning Council Organizations

NSP Maps (pdf format):Low and Middle Income Target Areas & 2007-08 Foreclosures- Map 1Foreclosure Risk - Map 2Percent of High Cost Loans - Map 3Percent of 120 and below area median income - Map 4

USPS Postal Vacancy Rates - Map 5

Foreclosure Density - Map 6NSP General Target Areas - Map 7

Down they came...check out a couple photos...
Big Tower
Small Tower



To learn more about Green HOME Guidelines, click on the above logo!

Report a Vacant or Abandoned Building 
 Click the link above to report a vacant or abandoned building in your neighborhood.