Model Home Applications
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Model Home Applications

A model home permit can be issued after a subdivision has been conditionally approved by the Plat Committee and before it is recorded. In order to obtain a model home permit, right-of-way grant agreements must be executed with the Department of Capital Asset Management, addresses must be approved, required commitments must be met, and a metes and bounds legal description must be provided. Typically, no more than two model homes can be approved for a subdivision. Minor subdivisions may not obtain a model home permit.

If you have questions about model home applications, call our main desk, or email us. 


  • The plat must not be a recorded subdivision. If the plat has been recorded, permits may be issued anyway (generally).
  • The plat must have been conditionally approved by the Plat Committee of the Metropolitan Development Commission. If the plat has been conditionally approved, a reasonable expectation of plat recordation exists. This requirement is to protect the taxpayers, by preventing development that would likely be illegal by zoning and unsafe related to drainage/flood control, sanitary sewers and streets.
  • Only two model homes may be issued per subdivision. Small subdivisions may be issued only one; minor subdivisions are not eligible for a model home. Exceptions have been granted for three and four model homes, if the subdivision is very large and is to be developed utilizing multiple builders. Appropriate documentation should be submitted. This requirement is to protect the taxpayers by preventing a virtual "build-out" without proper recording and bonding.
  • Grant of right-of-way to the model must be recorded (using DCAM dedication forms) and a copy of the recorded instrument provided to the Department of Capital Asset Management, 327-4172). This requirement is to prevent the taxpayers from purchasing land and building a road (responsibilities of the developer).
  • Street name and address must correspond with the names and addresses approved by the Department of Capital Asset Management, IMAGIS Section (Address Technician, 327-4953). This requirement is to ensure maximum safety for citizens, should emergency services be dispatched. U.S. Postal Service and other delivery organizations require address accuracy for customer service.
  • Metes and Bounds legal description of the lot must be attached to the model home site plan. Since the subdivision has not been recorded, the individual lot numbers cannot act as an appropriate legal description. Therefore, the only true legal description could be a "metes and bounds" type. This requirement is to protect the interests of the developer, builder and eventual buyer in case of title transfer.
  • Rezoning Commitments and Plat Approval Conditions must be reviewed to determine if the issuance of a model home permit would result in a violation of any commitment or condition (i.e. a commitment requiring Administrator Approval of a Tree Preservation Plan prior to the issuance of an Improvement Location Permit, where said preservation plan has yet to be provided). This requirement is to protect the developer from unknowingly engaging in a zoning violation, resulting in enforcement action.

Once Administrator’s Approval has been provided and an Improvement Location Permit issued, a copy of the site plan and legal description will be placed in the Plat File and a copy will be sent to the Metropolitan Emergency Communications Agency (MECA) and to the applicable Township Assessor.