Sign Revision
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​Sign Regulations Revision 

The City’s existing Sign Ordinance has not been comprehensively updated in over a decade. While small changes have been made, the current code is inadequate to efficiently address:
  • Recent Supreme Court rulings
  • Demands of our constituents
  • Technological advances
  • Objectives of our purpose-driven zoning districts



Establish regulatory framework for signs throughout Marion County that fosters viable, more sustainable communities while respecting Indianapolis’ varied aesthetic, through a cross-sector collaborative process.

Process in general

  1. Listening and Information Sharing - completed
  2. Working Draft prepared by staff
  3. Working Draft systematically discussed by Task force and Downtown/MU Subcommittee
  4. Proposal Draft prepared by staff
  5. Proposal Draft Available for public review
  6. Hearing before Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC) on Proposal
  7. Approved Proposal sent to City-County Council for adoption

Task force Meetings

​Agendas ​Notes ​PPT
8/30/2106 Agenda 8/30/2016 Notes ​8/30/2016 PPT
9/23/16 Agenda ​9/23/2016 Notes ​9/23/2016 PPT
10/18/2016 Agenda ​10/18/2016 Notes ​10/18/2016
  PPT #1 Donna
  PPT #2 John
  PPT #3 David


Zoning Districts & Descriptions ​Compiled by staff, includes new districts, 20 pages
​Glossary of Terms Compiled by staff, taken from the current ordinance, 16 pages
On-Premises Sign Design Guidelines ​by the United States Sign Council (USSC), 2003, 44 pages
Current Sign Regs
Sec. 744-900 of the zoning ordinance, 77 pages
Digital Billboards: Get the Facts ​by local billboard companies, 2015, 2 pages
Proposal: Digital Billboard ordinance amendments by local billboard companies, 2014, 26 pages
Prop 250: A Bad Deal for Indy ​by Coalition of Neighborhood Organizations, 2015, 31 pages
NJ Supreme Court: E&J Equities v. Township of Franklin (NJ) - Syllabus & Decision ​NJ Supreme Court, Sept 2016, 49 pages
FHWA 2007 Guidance Memo on Off-Premise Changeable Message Signs ​by USDOT, Federal Highway Admin, 2007, 4 pages
FHWA 2013 Study: Driver Visual Behavior in the Presence of Commercial Electronic Variable Message Signs - Summary of Conclusions   FHWA study summary of conclusions in study.pdfFHWA study summary of conclusions in study.pdf ​by USDOT, Federal Highway Administration, 2013, 2 pages
​US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit: Scenic America v. US DOT - decision
​US Court of Appeals, Sept 2016, 27 pages
​On-line article "Town's ban on electronic billboards ruled unconstitutional" ​by NJ Advance Media, Sept 16, 2016, 3 pages
​US Supreme Court: Reed v Town of Gilbert - syllabus & decision ​US Supreme Court, 2015, 35 pages
US District Court: GEFT v Indianapolis -decision ​US District Court, Southern District of IN, May 2016, 35 pages
 Sign Task Force meeting discussion

Task force and Subcommittee

The Sign Regulations Revision Task force is comprised of community members representing neighborhoods, organizations, the sign industry and businesses that rely on signs. The Task force will serve as an advisory board, voicing the public’s interest and guiding the development of the revised regulations.
To address the unique nature of the downtown area and mixed use areas, a Downtown and MU Subcommittee has also been formed with stakeholders from the downtown area.