Zoning Ordinance
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Indianapolis/Marion County Consolidated Zoning / Subdivision Ordinance


New Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance effective April 1, 2016

Concluding a 5-year endeavor, Indianapolis-Marion County's new ordinance is in effect. As a part of the Revised Code of the Consolidated City and County, it will be available here and on municode.com. However, Municode is several weeks behind in publishing.

Download the entire ordinance in PDF-format which is searchable, fully bookmarked, includes hot links and easy to read.


Consolidated Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance--Updated November 15, 2017.pdf




Everything new requires a bit of a learning curve for everyone. To aid in shortening that curve, helpful resources and training webinars are available.


Helpful Excerpts

 Here are some of the commonly used Tables in the new Zoning Ordinance (in color).


Table 743-1: Use Table - 11 pages

Lot & Building Dimensional Standards: 

Table 744-201-1: Dimensional Standards for Districts D-A through D-5II

                                  8.5 x 11 (3 pages)           11 x 17 (1 page)

Table 744-201-2: Dimensional Standards for Districts D-6 through D-11

                                  8.5 x 11 (2 pages)            11 x 17 (1 page)

Table 744-201-3: Dimensional Standards for Commercial Districts

                                  8.5 x 11 (2 pages)            11 x 17 (1 page)

Table 744-201-4: Dimensional Standards for Mixed Use Districts

Table 744-201-5: Dimensional Standards for Central Buisness Districts

Table 744-201-6: Dimensional Standards for Industrial Districts

Exceptions and Encroachments into Yards: Table  744-204-1 - 2 pages

Green Factor    Table 744-509-1 Calculation        Excel Spreadsheet

Parking - Required amount    Table 744-402-1

                                 8.5 x 11 (5 pages)               11 x 17 (2 pages)

Loading Spaces       8.5 x 11     Table 744-405-1

Stacking Spaces      8.5 x 11      Table 744-406-1

 List of Zoning Districts & Description with Context Area Map - 2 pages

Home Occupation information - 3 pages

Garden as a Primary Use a/k/a Community Garden - 5 pages

Secondary Dwelling Unit a/k/a Carriage House or In-laws quarters - 7 pages