On-Line Zoning Research
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On-Line Zoning Research

Zoning Browser - This application is designed to provide users with zoning and land use standards for particular parcels. The user enters an address, parcel number, or searches for a property from a map.  Once a parcel is selected the application returns information about the property including, but not limited to, the primary and secondary zoning, rezoning, variances (if available online), whether or not the property is in a flood zone, historic preservation district, on the National Register, or in the Regional Center.  The application also gives Barrett Law information for the property if applicable.

MapIndy - This is a map centric application that allows users to view Indianapolis/Marion County data.  Users can perform many functions including an address or intersection search, printing maps, or viewing different layers of information.  Many layers are available including streets, parcels, parks, political boundaries, sanitary and storm sewers, and aerial photography.

For tips in using the Zoning Browser and Data Viewer, see 'Zoning Maps' under our 'Resources' page.

Zoning Check - This application allows users to enter a proposed business type and see where that use is permitted.

Land Use Petition, Permit & Enforcement Case Citizen Portal - This portal (ACA - Accela Citizen Access) displays a variety of information relating to the development of property in Indianapolis-Marion County in real-time. Below lists the type of information accessed.

Land use petitions processed by the Division of Planning: Variances, Rezonings, Vacations, Approvals, Regional Center, Plats, LNCU.  Applications and land use petitions processed by IHPC (since Dec. 2008): Certificates of Appropriateness, Variances, Rezonings.

Enforcement action and investigations are also available; including:

  • ​​​​​Building (structural) activity,
  • ​​​​​Zoning (ILP) activity,
  • ​​​​Infrastructure (sanitary sewer, street, drainage) construction,
  • ​​​​​Right-of-Way activity,
  • ​​​​​High Weeds & Grass,
  • ​​​​​Damage Assessment,
  • ​​​​​Controller's License activity

Permits applications are also accessed, including:

  • ​​Craft permits, including Electrical, Heating & Cooling, Plumbing,
  • Improvement Location,
  • Master,
  • Sign,
  • Flood,
  • Structural (Building),
  • Street Construction,
  • Drainage,
  • Sewer Construction and Sewer Connection,
  • Right of Way,
  • Driveway (access or curb cuts),
  • Wrecking.

Permit activity also includes incidents of Notifications, State Variance grants, Research requests, and Self Certification Tags.