Downtown Canal
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 Welcome to the Downtown Canal-a great place to walk, jog, ride, pedal boats and just take in the downtown.

Canal Special Events Scheduling:
Want to book the Canal for a wedding, a walk/run or other event? 
Please go to and contact:

Ace Party Rental
7768 Zionsville Road
Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Fax:(317) 872-7368

An Application for scheduling an event is HERE
Please email the form to Ace Party Rental at
or fax to 317-872-7368.

Map to Canal including Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities:

A canal accessibility map is available HERE.

The accessibility locations for persons with disabilities are marked by the known-common symbols on the map.

Directions to the accessible locations along the Canal for persons with disabilities are:

1. 11th Street-Accessible sites are on both the east and west sides of the Buggs Temple Building on 11th Street between West Street and Senate Avenue.

2. 10th Street-Accessible ramp sites are on both the east and west sides of the Canal on the north side of 10th Street.

3. Walnut Street Basin-Accessible sites are on the west side of the Canal at St. Clair Street at the Cultural Trail and on the East side of the Canal at St. Clair Street from the IU Radiology Building Parking lot down a ramp to a sidewalk connecting to the Canal.

4. Indiana Avenue at Michigan Street-There is an elevator located at the South-east corner of Indiana Avenue and Michigan Street (which is at the North end of the apartments).

5. New York Street at the Canal-There is an elevator located at the North-west corner of New York Street and Canal Square Apartments. 

Discover the Canal Cultural District Site