Conservation Districts
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Conservation Districts

What is a Conservation District?


A conservation district is a special category of historic district established by action of the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) and the Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC). Like a traditional historic district, a conservation district has its own plan that specifically addresses the area's unique conservation needs. The purpose of a conservation district is to conserve the distinctive character of an area – character significant to the culture, heritage, history and development of the community.  The IHPC and the neighborhood work together to accomplish con­servation goals by utilizing a unique blend of guide­lines. With cooperation among property owners and residents as well as technical assistance from IHPC staff, limited regulation can protect and enhance iden­tifiable characteristics that make the area significant.


What is the difference between a historic district and a conservation district?


A conservation district differs from a traditional historic district in purpose and administration. The strategies for protecting the significant resources in a historic district focus on preserving historic architecture while a conservation district's focus is on conserving historic community. A conservation district's regula­tory protection differs from a traditional historic dis­trict's regulation. Its primary focus is on overall character rather than architectural components. Conse­quently architectural elements are generally not pro­tected from change to the same degree as in a traditional historic district.


Conservation Districts in Indianapolis

For a brief description of Indianapolis' conservation districts, along with district maps and copies of the conservation district plans, please visit the pages for each of the conservation districts.