Fountain Square
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Fountain Square

Summary of History and Significance

The Fountain Square historic commercial area is significant because it is the only area of its kind still extant in Indianapolis.  It is the oldest area of the city outside the central business district to function continually since the 1870's as a recognized commercial area.  The historic German ethnic influence in the area adds to its distinctive character.  The area derives its name from the successive fountains which have been prominently located at the intersection of Virginia Avenue, East Prospect, and Shelby Streets.  The commercial buildings remaining along these streets evidence the thriving commercial district that grew out of the late nineteenth century.


Address Ranges

848 Grove Ave. 1615-1709 E. Prospect St.
1031-1150 E. Prospect St. 1024-1156 Shelby St.

E. Prospect St. (odd numbers only)

856-1107 Virginia Ave.













Neighborhood Association

Fountain Square Merchants Association

Linton Calvert, President

P.O. Box 33504

Indianapolis, IN  46203

(317) 686-6010 ext. 2 - phone


Southeast Neighborhood Development  

Bradley Keen

1035 Sanders Street, Suite 118

Indianapolis, IN  46203

(317) 634-5079  ext. 101