The Old Northside
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Old Northside

Summary of History and Significance

During the late nineteenth century, a residence in what was then the Northside of the city became a mark of success and affluence.  While industry and its accompanying working-class neighborhoods sprang up to the south, west, and east of the original Mile Square boundaries of the city, the wealthy built their mansions in the wooded and rural setting to the north of the commercial and retail district.  The northward movement began as early as the late 1840s, but not until after the Civil War did the Northside see substantial development.   From that time to the early 20th century, the area was the most fashionable place to live.  After 1900, other areas still farther north were settled and the original Northside (which became the Old Northside by virtue of the migration) was supplanted by the region north of Fall Creek as the most prestigious residential area.  During the last half of the 19th century, the Old Northside was the home of the principal leaders of Indianapolis social, political, commercial, and industrial life, as well as the location of leading religious and educational institutions.

Address Ranges

200-512 E. 12th St. 1200-1559 Central Ave.
100-657 E. 13th St. 1300-1573 N. College Ave.
100-716 E. 14th St. 1200-1526 N. Delaware St.
200-822 E. 15th St. 1456-1458 Hudson St.
401-825 E. 16th St. (odd numbers only) 1200-1531 N. New Jersey St.
1200-1529 N. Alabama St. 1200-1564 N. Park Ave.
1500-1550 Bellefontaine St. 1201-1531 N. Pennsylvania St. (odd numbers only)
1200-1564 Broadway St. 1408 N. Pennsylvania St.
1400-1566 Carrollton Ave.


Old Northside Modern House on Alabama Street


Old Northside New construction in Old Northside

Neighborhood Association

Old Northside Neighborhood Association
Nancy Inui, President

Old Northside Land Use Committee
Paul DePrez, Chairman
1412 N. Central Ave.
Indianapolis, IN  46202
(317) 631-2974 - phone

The Old Northside Land Use Committee Information Sheet (tips on when they meet, contact information, recommended documentation to bring to meetings, etc.)

Note:  Neighborhood meetings are typically held on the first Monday of the month at 7:00pm. Meetings are usually held at The Old Centrum, 520 E. 12th Street.  Please visit the neighborhood's website for up-to-date information (dates, times, etc.).