Eastman-Lilly House
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Eastman-Lilly House

4050 Washington Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN

Summary of History and Significance

This house is significant because it is one of the first houses built in the area.  Although it has been extensively altered from its original design, it is a good example of the Colonial Revival style which had become popular in the late nineteenth century.  The house is associated with Dr. Joseph Eastman and Josiah K. Lilly, both prominent residents of the city.

The house is built on land originally known as Washington Park.   In the early 1890's four men purchased a portion of the land north of 40th Street, platted the land, and called it "Washington Park."  In 1897, Joel Wright Hadley, one of the four, sold lots 63 and 64 to Dr. Joseph Eastman.  Dr. Eastman built a country home on the land, known as Jipson Place.  Dr. Eastman (1842-1902) was president and professor of anatomy at the Central College of Physicians and Surgeons in Indianapolis.  He was internationally known for his surgical innovations and invention of surgical instruments.  He was also known for his work in gynecology and was the first American surgeon to operate successfully for extrauterine pregnancy.

In 1919, the house and property were sold to Josiah K. Lilly, Jr.   Under the supervision of architect Lee Burns, the house was remodeled to its present appearance.  The Lilly family had moved into the house by 1921 and lived there until 1932.  Lilly (1893-1966) was the grandson of Eli Lilly, founder of the drug manufacturing firm.  When he moved into this house, he was working in the Efficiency Division and soon after became Vice-President.  He became President of the company in 1948 and Chairman of the Board in 1966.  He was responsible for setting up innovative personnel relations, product planning methods, and market research.  The company expanded internationally under his direction.  The house was sold to Lilly company employee William A. Hanley and his family in 1940.

Eastman-Lilly House