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The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission




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2016 IHPC
COMMISSION HEARING SCHEDULE2016 IHPC Commission Hearing Schedule.pdf2016 IHPC Commission Hearing Schedule.pdf

 2016 IHPC
ADMINISTRATIVE HEARING SCHEDULE2016 IHPC Administrative Hearing Schedule.pdf2016 IHPC Administrative Hearing Schedule.pdf

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IHPC Update

Our office is no longer accepting documents via Fax. We apologize for any inconvenience. We are still accepting them via email, U.S. Mail, and drop-off in person.

What is the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission?

In 1967, the Indiana State Legislature passed State Statute IC 36-7-11.1 which established and empowered the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) to preserve the character and fabric of historically significant areas and structures for all present and future citizens of Marion County, Indiana. The IHPC accomplishes this task by protecting areas through local designation and through providing technical assistance on the restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures or areas.

The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) is a nine-member board appointed by the executive and legislative body of the consolidated city, with design and zoning review jurisdiction in the locally designated historic districts and conservation districts. Since 1976, the IHPC has had a professional staff that functions as a division of the Department of Metropolitan Development of the City of Indianapolis. The IHPC provides design and zoning review and approval for locally designated historic districts, conservation areas, and individually designated properties.

Wondering how district designation might impact property values? Click here  for a study by Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana.