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What is the IHPC?
The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) is a nine-member board with 5 members appointed by the Mayor and 4 members appointed by the City-County Council. Since 1976, the IHPC has had a professional staff that functions as a division of the Department of Metropolitan Development.
District Administration 
The IHPC provides design and zoning review and approval in locally designated historic areas, conservation districts, and individual properties.
Historic Districts: Chatham-Arch & Massachusetts Avenue, Fletcher Place, Fountain Square, Herron-Morton Place, Irvington, Lockefield Gardens, Lockerbie Square, Old Northside, St. Joseph, Wholesale District, Monument Circle, and Woodruff Place.
Conservation Districts: Cottage Home, Cumberland, Fayette Street, Ransom Place, and New Augusta.
Individual Properties: Old City Hall, P. R. Mallory Company Factory, Askren House, Hilbert Circle Theater, Eastman-Lilly House, Hannah-Oehler House, Hollingsworth House, Kemper House, Meridian Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Morris-Butler House, Ruskaup-Ratcliffe House and Store, and Union Station. 
Public Hearings 
The IHPC holds monthly public hearings to issue Certificates of Appropriateness, Rezonings, and Variances for work to be done in historic areas. The Commission meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Public Assembly Room (2nd Floor) of the City-County Building (date and location are subject to change).

The IHPC's Hearing Officer holds weekly public hearings to issue Certificates of Appropriateness. These hearings are held in Room 1801 of the City-County building.
The public is welcome to attend all meetings of the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission.

The IHPC has granted its staff permission to approve Certificates of Appropriateness in certain situations. In these cases, no public hearing is necessary. Ask the IHPC staff if a hearing or staff approval is applicable for your project.
Technical Assistance
The IHPC staff is available to the public to provide technical information about the restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings. The staff can also provide design assistance and information about properties in Indianapolis historic districts and throughout Marion County.

Architectural, planning, and historic research assistance is available from IHPC staff to groups or individuals involved in revitalizing historic areas and rehabilitating historic properties. Assistance is available with preparation of National Register nominations. The staff assists other city departments and DMD divisions in undertaking projects that affect historic areas and buildings. IHPC staff assists neighborhoods interested in historic or conservation district designation.
The staff works with the public to develop Preservation Plans. 
Preservation Planning
The IHPC and its staff assist neighborhood associations and others in interpreting and using approved Preservation Plans. The staff also has the task of revising and updating adopted preservation plans as well as providing the historic components of other plans prepared by the City.
Environmental Review
The Historic Preservation Act of 1966 mandates detailed analysis of historic significance, determination of potential eligibility for listing on the National Register, and the assessment of the effect that federally funded projects have on eligible buildings or areas. The IHPC staff assists the Department of Metropolitan Development by providing required historic preservation review for federally funded projects such as housing rehabilitation programs, major redevelopment projects, and other city supported projects.
Other Services Provided by IHPC Staff
Early consultation with professional staff.
Design Assistance [IHPC staff cannot prepare your plans or design your project.]
Assistance selecting paint or roof colors.
Assistance selecting building and landscape materials.
Research assistance including:
Sanborn and Baist Atlas Maps.
Extensive building information files.
Historic photos of Indianapolis.
National Register nominations.
Newspaper clippings.
General product information (IHPC cannot make product recommendations.)
Paint and roofing samples.
On-site technical support.
Library with information on:
Paint colors.
Architectural history and styles.
Interior design.
Landscape architecture.
Renovation and rehabilitation.
Building materials and construction.
Indiana and Indianapolis history.