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Indianapolis Insight Comprehensive Plan LogoWelcome to INDIANAPOLIS INSIGHT, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Marion County.

Indianapolis Insight consists of two parts:

  • The Community Values Component
  • The Land Use Component

The plan was developed in 2000 through 2006.  The process was led by the Comprehensive Planning staff of the Division of Planning.

Plan Purpose

The Comprehensive Plan is required by state statute as a basis for zoning and must include objectives and policies for future land use development and development of public ways, place, land, structures and utilities.  It is also required by a number of state and federal grants programs in which the City takes part such as Community Development Block Grants, Home Grants and federal highway funding.  However a comprehensive plan can be much more to a city.  Preparation of a plan offers the City and the public an opportunity to work together to develop a vision for the development of the city.

The update to the Indianapolis-Marion County Comprehensive Plan was a process of broad-based and balanced citizen participation that sought accord on values, goals and policies for development of the City;  its land uses and physical environment.


Maps of the Land Use Component are available from the Division of Planning.  Each map covers one-quarter of the county and includes environmentally sensitive areas, land use recommendations and critical areas.  The maps are $2.00 each.  To purchase a map, contact the Division of Planning at (317) 327-5155.

Copies of the Community Values Component are also available from the Division of Planning.  The 166 page document is $15.00.