Certified Plans
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IndyPlan-CertifiedBadgeBlue.pngA DMD Certified Plan recognizes community plans prepared by neighborhood groups and other community organizations outside of the Department of Metropolitan Development that meet minimum expectations for community engagement and content.  These plans are not adopted by the Metropolitan Development Commission and are not an official element of the Comprehensive Plan, but do represent important documentation of neighborhood aspirations and desires and should be consulted when engaging in projects.

The program is designed to encourage excellence in community planning and to maximize the impact of community-sponsored planning initiatives. It enables the Department of Metropolitan Development to leverage the full planning capacity of the Indianapolis community by providing community groups a pathway to influencing the official Comprehensive Plan for Indianapolis and Marion County. The certification expectations ensure planning processes and their resulting plans maintain the high level of accountability and transparency necessary when crafting public policy.


The Certified Plan program is available for any plan in Marion County, Indiana.  Certified Plans are not permitted to overlap other, existing Certified Plans.  Plans may be led by a formally incorporated organization or a grassroots group of residents.