Staff Listing
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Our area code is (317)

Name Title E-mail Address Phone
Brad Beaubien     Planning Administrator 327-5133
​Maury Plambeck    ​Zoning Administrator     327-3341​
Current Planning
Secretaries and Technicians
Ann Abel Office Assistant 327-5148
Heather Stephan Secretary, Board of Zoning Appeals 327-5167
Emily Holmes Secretary, MDC 327-5159
Heather Stephan Secretary, Plat Committee & HOV 327-5160
Larry Williams Principal Planner - Petitions 327-5156
Tammara Tracy Principal Planner - Ordinances 327-7834
Bob Merriman Principal Planner II/GIS 327-5022
Linda Ahlbrand Principal Planner II - Subdivision 327-4968
​Kathleen Blackham ​Senior Planner ​327-5165
Senior Planner - Ordinances 327-3727
Joe Smoker Senior Planner 327-5901
Senior Planner  327-5848
John Neal Senior Planner - Ordinances 327-5265
Jeff York Senior Planner - Regional Center 327-5847
​Robert Uhlenhake    ​Senior Planner 327-5685​
Long Range Planning
Keith Holdsworth Principal Planner 327-5114
David DiMarzio Principal Planner 327-5123
John Byrnes Senior Planner 327-5109
Gina Bush Hayes Planner 327-4122