Millersville at Fall Creek Valley
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Millersville at Fall Creek Valley
Village and Corridor Plan

Project Description:
he official kick-off of the planning process was a public meeting held on September 9, 2010 in the Cathedral High School cafeteria.  The meeting was attended by 80+ persons.  The meeting
presentation consisted of an overview of the planning process and a summation of a series of interviews and focus groups meetings held throughout the summer.  Additional comments were taken and four Work Groups were introduced.

     The Four Work Groups:

Village of Millersville
Fall Creek

Project Area:
The area of study is focused on the retail area at 56th Street and Emerson Way, the historic Millersville area of north eastern Marion County,  The boundaries of the project area roughly follow Fall Creek as it flow from I-465 to Allisonville Road and encompass a number of neighborhoods. 

Adoption Plan Link:

Fall Creek
October 5. 2010   November 4, 2010   December 7, 2010 Handouts Maps February 15, 2011  
Fall Creek Work Group Report

Village of Millersville
October 19, 2010  November 10, 2010  Handouts  April 20, 2011   Development Principles  July 12, 2011
Village Work Group Report

April 28, 2011  Proposed Sidewalks and Crosswalks Map

May 24. 2011  Bike Plan Presentation

June 20, 2011   Traffic Calming Measures  Northeast Corridor Presentation
Roundabout Appropriateness
Connectivity Work Group Report

July 19, 2011
Neighborhoods Work Group Report