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Welcome to Current Planning
Indianapolis' Zoning Office 

The primary function of the Current Planning section of the Division of Planning, Department of Metropolitan Development, is to support the Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC), and the Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), by evaluating and administering approximately one thousand land use petitions annually. This includes support to other decision-making bodies functioning under the authority of the MDC, including the Hearing Examiner, Hearing Officer, and the Plat Committee.

The Current Planning staff also provides staff support for the town councils and variance boards of the excluded cities of Beech Grove, Lawrence, and Speedway.

The professional planners and support staff of the Current Planning office are a valuable resource to citizens, developers, and neighborhood organizations.  

Additional functions of the section include: Petition Intake and Subdivision Administration, Petition Review, Public Hearings, Zoning Ordinance Revision,  Maintaining and Updating of all Marion County Zoning Basemaps, and Database/GIS Services.


The presence of an orange sign means that the property owner is applying for permission to develop the property in a way that requires a land use petition to be filed.

The Division of Planning is open from 8 AM to 5 PM; however, we cannot process financial transactions (including financial transactions for IHPC) after 4 PM.​

To find out what is proposed for the site that you saw the sign located on, try entering an address by using the on-line tool: Permit, Land Use Petition & Enforcement Case Citizen Portal This portal provides access to zoning cases and land use petitions. This portal will identify the type of petition, the hearing date and the assigned staff planner. Once you know the hearing date you can look up the request by examining the Published Legal Notices (Agenda) and 5-days before the hearing you can read the staff report by clicking on the ‘Staff Reports & Hearing Results’. If you would like more information, contact the staff planner assigned to the petition, by referring to the 'Current Planning Staff’ directory or call 327-5155. 


In Marion County-Indianapolis, there are several different types of land use petitions; to learn about the different types, click ‘Land Use Petitions’. To learn about the steps and process of each of these petitions, click ‘Petition Processes’. 


​​​​​Interim Sign Ordinance Update Draft​​

  This draft is also available for review by the public in room 1821 of the City County Building ​


Regional Center Design Guidelines

The Indianapolis Regional Center Design Guidelines Assistant provide a community standard for urban design in the Regional Center. Building upon local heritage and character, the Guidelines encourage creativity, interest, and variety in the built environment.


Rules of Procedure


Metropolitan Development Commission
effective Jul 1, 2014

MDC Rules (47 pages)
Fee Schedule for Filing Fees and Improvement Location Permits (9 pages)
Exhibits: Statement of Covenants, Statement of Commitments, Modification or Termination, Commitments for Variance or Special Exception, Open Occupancy and Equal Opportunity commitment
Appendix - Address Guidelines and Standards (21 pages)


Board of Zoning Appeals

       BZA Rules of Procedure with Table of Contents, Exhibits and Index (31 pages)
       Fee Schedule for BZA and Hearing Officer (2 pages)

Plat Committee

        Plat Rules of procedures with Table of Contents, Exhibits and Index (16 pages)
        Fee Schedule for Plat Committee (1 page)

Hearing Officer

        HOV Rules of procedures with Table of Contents, Exhibits and Index (16 pages)

Zoning Ordinances