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MBE's and WBE's must be certified with the City of Indianapolis through the Department of Minority & Women Business Development (DMWBD). To be recognized and listed by DMWBD, VBE's must first be registered with the Department of Veterans Affairs. DOBE's must first be approved by the Office of Disability Affairs for eligibility at Indianapolis Office of Disability Affairs, 200 East Washington Street, Room 2460, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204. These requirements apply to contractors, suppliers, consultants, joint ventures, and other vendors declaring themselves to be MBE's, WBE's, VBE's or DOBE's.

The Certification process involves completing a certification application and providing the requested information to the Department of Minority & Women Business Development. The application requests the following types of information:

·       Type and ownership of business
·        Financial and work history
·        Equipment owned
·        Bonding Capacity
·        Number of Employees
·        Business references
DMWBD policy is to make decisions on applications for certification within 90 days of receiving it from the applicant firm with all required information. DMWBD may extend this time period once, for no more than an additional 60 days, upon written notice to the firm, explaining fully and specifically the reason(s) for the extension.
Certification is good for (3) three years and must be renewed with the Department of Minority & Women Business Development. Each year on the anniversary date of certification, firms must submit a Statement of Change or No Change to the DMWBD.
Additional information concerning the Minority and Women Business Enterprise program can be obtained by calling the Business Enterprise Officer at (317) 327-5262.