Rules and Regulations
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Rules and Regulations

1.  Park hours are dawn to dusk.

2.  Possession of alcohol is not permitted in  parks without a permit from the Park Board for a special use.  

3.  Vehicles are not permitted on the grass.

4.  No open fires other than in grills.

5.  Dogs must be on a leash that is less than twenty feet in length unless in the Canine Companion Zones.

6.  Bicycles are not allowed on gravel paths.

7.  Private vendor sales in parks require a permit.


Indianapolis has one of the best Greenway systems in the country!  These multi-use trails are for the recreation and enjoyment of all residents.  Indy Parks strongly encourages all trail users to abide by the following safety guidelines:

1.  Trail hours:  Trails are open 24 hours a day.

2.  Keep to the right; communicate before passing.  Let other trail users know when you are approaching from behind.  Signal by saying "passing on your left" and give others time to respond accordingly.

3.  Maintain control and safe speed.  Adjust your speed to accommodate for other users, traffic and trail conditions.

4.  Pedestrians have the right-of-way on the Greenways.  Bicycle riders and in-line skaters must yield to all other trail users. Parents: please keep children from wandering into oncoming trail lane to avoid accidents.

5.  Share the trail and be courteous. Indy Parks Greenways are multi-use recreational trails appropriate for walkers, joggers, in-line skaters and bicycle riders.  Please respect others, regardless of their mode of travel. 

6.  Do not trespass or cut through adjacent properties or yards to access a Greenway.

7.  Stop for cross traffic and obey all signage.

8.  Respect the trail environment.  Do not disturb the wildlife or the many native plants and wildflowers that grow along the Greenway.

9.  Pick up litter and place in trash bins. Please remove all pet waste. 

10.  Keep pets on short leashes (4-6 feet max.) If using a retractable leash, please keep pets near you.


PLEASE help keep your Indy Parks and Greenways clean and user-friendly! 
Pick up your litter and pet waste!