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Thanks to a generous grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc, Indy Parks has added six recreation, arts and nature centers throughout Marion County. In addition to sports, environmental education and the arts, several of these facilities also offer afterschool programs with mentoring and tutoring guidance. We guarantee you'll find programs and services that fit the entire family!

The parks listed below have recreation and nature centers. Please click on the park for more information.

Recreation, Family and Nature Centers
Bethel Park Family Center  
Broad Ripple Park Family Center
Brookside Park Family Center
Christian Park Family Center
Douglass Park Family Center
Eagle Creek Earth Discovery Center
Ellenberger Park Recreation Center
Garfield Park Arts Center
Garfield Park Burrello Family Center
Garfield Park Conservatory
Glenns Valley Nature Center
Holliday Park Nature Center
JTV Hill Family Center
Krannert Park Family Center
Kuntz Memorial Soccer Stadium
Municipal Gardens Family Center
Perry Park Recreation Center
Raymond Park/Indy Island Recreation Center
Rhodius Park Family Center
Riverside Park Family Center
Southeastway Park Nature Center
Thatcher Park Family Center
Washington Park Family Center  
Watkins Park Family Center
Windsor Village Family Center