Meet Our Enforcement Staff
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  Meet Our Enforcement Staff

   Meet our Sergeants

Photo of Sgt. Payne
Sgt. Payne
Administrative Sergeant

Sgt. Payne has been serving with IACC since 2003. As the Administrative Sergeant, Payne is working with various city personnel to provide Animal Control with a more fuel efficient vehicle fleet. Payne is a NACA-Certified Animal Control Officer.

Photo of Sgt. Webb
Sgt. Webb

Sgt. Webb became an ACO in the summer of 2011 and was promoted to Sergeant in 2014. Managing the training of new IACC ACO’s is one of Webb’s many responsibilities. Webb is an Excellence in Government Service Award Recipient and a NACA-Certified Animal Control Officer.

Photo of Sgt. Wolsiffer
IACC Deputy Director Sgt. Wolsiffer

Sgt. Wolsiffer came to IACC in February of 2012 with a background in law enforcement. She began her career at IACC as a processor but was quickly moved into an Officer position. In Nov. 2012, Wolsiffer was promoted to Sergeant. As a Sergeant, she continually works to provide ACOs with specialized training opportunities and focuses on educating the community about city animal ordinances.

Sgt. Wolsiffer is a NACA-Certified Animal Control Officer and has received training for Animal Crimes Investigation. Wolsiffer is an Excellence in Government Service Award Recipient and the 2013 recipient of the Department of Public Safety’s Premier Peer Award. All of Sgt. Wolsiffer’s furry family members have been rescued from less than favorable conditions.

   Meet our Officers

Photo of Officer Bonito
Officer Bonito
Animal Control Officer

Officer Bonito began his Animal Control career with IACC in 2012. Before IACC, Bonito, served in the U.S. Army and continues to serve our country as a member of the Army National Guard.

Photo of Officer Bowling
Officer Bowling
Animal Control Officer

Officer Bowling came to IACC in 2007. He was hired on as a kennel technician where he excelled and was promoted to Officer in 2012. In his free time, Bowling enjoys spending time with his family, two-legged and four-legged, and watching sports.

Photo of Officer Brown
Officer Brown
Animal Control Officer

Officer Brown was new to the department in October of 2014. Prior to serving the citizens of Indianapolis as an Animal Control Officer, Brown graduated college with a degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology, and served as a security officer.

Photo of Officer Callahan
Officer Callahan
Animal Control Officer

Officer Callahan began his career with IACC as a kennel technician in 2005. In 2006, Callahan became an Animal Control Officer. His time with IACC and the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety has been filled with many great experiences. Callahan has investigated many animal hoarding situations, dog fighting cases, and he has removed countless animals from less than favorable conditions. He looks forward to continuing his service as an ACO for the citizens of Indianapolis.

Photo of Officer Cheek
Officer Cheek
Animal Control Officer

Officer Cheek came to IACC in the summer of 2014. Prior to serving the animals and citizens of Indianapolis, Cheek was an Animal Control Officer in Arizona.

Photo of Officer Cherry
Officer Cherry
Animal Control Officer

Officer Cherry joined the IACC team in 2012. Cherry is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a degree in Criminal Justice. Prior to serving with IACC, he served 16 years in law enforcement.

Photo of Officer Harris
Officer Harris
Animal Control Officer

Officer Harris began his service with IACC in 1997. During his time with the agency, Harris has served as a Division Investigator, Field Supervisor, Training Sergeant, and he currently serves as an Animal Control Officer and Field Training Officer. Harris represented the City of Indianapolis as one in a group of volunteers that reported to New Orleans to assist with the animal rescue efforts following Hurricane Katrina. When asked what he enjoys most about working as an ACO, Harris states “I really enjoy working with the animals and being able to help the citizens of Indianapolis."

Photo of Officer Kellems
Officer Kellems
Animal Control Officer

Officer Kellems has been with IACC since June 2014. Prior to his service with IACC, Kellems worked for the Humane Society of Indianapolis in many capacities. Officer Kellems is a NACA-Certified Animal Control Officer and he lives with his IACC-adopted dog and HIS-adopted cat.

Photo of Officer Kindig
Officer Kindig
Field Training Officer

Officer Kindig began his employment with IACC in 2003. He has served the department in multiple capacities including his current role as a Field Training Officer.

Photo of Officer Meriweather
Officer Meriweather
Animal Control Officer

Officer Meriweather began her career with IACC as a Senior Animal Care Technician in 2013. Just one year later, Meriweather was transformed to the IACC Enforcement section and began her work as an Animal Control Officer.

Photo of Officer Nowinski
Officer Nowinski
Animal Control Officer

Officer Nowinski began her service with IACC in July of 2012. Prior to IACC, she had 5 years of prior Animal Control Officer experience from two organizations in Illinois. Nowinski is a NACA-certified ACO. She volunteers her time as the cat liaison with IndyFeral and was awarded the Excellence in Government Service Award for August 2014. Nowinski shares her home with her cat and German Shepherd, both shelter rescue animals.

Photo of Officer Templeton
Officer Templeton
Animal Control Officer

Officer Templeton began his service with IACC in 2009 as a Senior Animal Care Technician and was later promoted to his current position as an Animal Control Officer.