Animal Control
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Animal Control

Indianapolis Animal Care & Control has animal care and control officers patrolling the streets of the city.  The most serious issue the agency faces is pet overpopulation.  In 2014, IACC cared for approximately 15,000 surrendered, homeless, abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

Animal care and control officers enforce all animal-related ordinances in Indianapolis.  Animal care and control officers perform the following services for the city:

  • Impound animals running at-large
  • Issue citations to people in violation of animal ordinances
  • Conduct inspections for the licensing of facilities that sell, groom, and kennel animals
  • Investigate cruelty, neglect, and animal-fighting cases and respond to complaints related to animals and animal welfare
  • Rescue animals in distress or danger on an emergency basis; and
  • Educate the public about responsible pet ownership

In 2013, animal care and control officers responded to over to 29,000 service calls.

Indianapolis Animal Care & Control will assist the public with sick or injured wild animals or wildlife confined in the living spaces of one's home.  For further assistance with wildlife or exotic animals, contact the Indiana Department of Natural Resources at 317-232-4010 or one of the organizations listed below: