Pregnancy, new baby, and children…keeping it safe with our dog.
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Pregnancy, new baby, and children…keeping it safe with our dog.

INDIANAPOLIS –This weekend, Indianapolis Animal Care & Control continues the series of free, educational seminars as instructor Warren Patitz speaks on how to ensure the best relationship between your dog and child.

Each year, many pets are unnecessarily surrendered when a new baby arrives. Living with a pet can be beneficial to children. Pets can enhance a child’s self-esteem, teach them responsibility and help them learn empathy. However, the relationship between a child and a dog may not automatically start off on the right foot, or paw.

Socializing and training, beginning when the dog or puppy first joins your house, is very important. Children must also be taught how to behave properly around dogs. Parents must be willing to teach both the dog and the child acceptable limits of behavior in order to make their interactions pleasant and safe.

This “Patitz on Pets” session will be:

WHEN:   Saturday, June 14th
WHERE:   Indianapolis Animal Care & Control
2600 S. Harding St.

Warren G. Patitz brings over 20 years of dog instruction experience to Indianapolis Animal Care & Control and is also the author of “Recreational Agility.”

The goal of this training is to keep people and their pets together and to help owners fix common, resolvable problems that are threatening the relationship with their pet. Relinquishment of a pet is a drastic step that many people take in dealing with behavior problems.

For a listing of seminar dates and future topics, or for additional information, please call 317.327.1397.