Utility Failures
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Photo of Utility CrewPower failures are a possibility, especially in the event severe weather such as high winds or ice storms cause widespread failure of power lines.  Indianapolis Power and Light has mutual aid agreements with other local and regional power companies to share resources and repair capabilities.  Redundancies in the local power distribution systems decrease the likelihood of prolonged power disruptions in the county.

Citizens Gas and Coke provides natural gas products for commercial and residential use throughout the county.

Ameritech provides local telephone services to the county.  Its distribution network is redundant and capable of being rerouted around local failures.  The system is capable of being overloaded during an emergency and can also be affected by and affect cellular phone communications.

The Indianapolis Water Company provides drinking water for most of the county.  It maintains water treatment facilities, as do the towns of Cumberland, Lawrence, and Speedway.  Main water sources are the White River, regulated by the Morris Reservoir;  Fall Creek, regulated by Geist Reservoir; Eagle Creek, regulated by Eagle Creek Reservoir; and ground water wells.

American Cablevision and Indianapolis Comcast provide cable television services to the county.  They both have agreements to provide Emergency Alert System information as necessary.