Emergency Operations Center
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Emergency Operations Center

The  Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is continuously working to enhance the city’s current systems, train and exercise personnel and plans as well as support our first responders so that they can make the best possible decisions in managing an incident and/or an event. In addition, the EOC also supports the first responders so that they may make the best decisions when it comes to managing an incident and/or an event. The EOC works very hard to supply resources and information to the first responders in order to provide a safe and more secure city for the citizens of Indianapolis.​

EOC Projects

​The EOC continues to be focused on several projects  including the IPAWS Alert Warning System and the Outdoor Emergency Siren System.

The IPAWS which stands for Integrated Public Alert Warning System is still a fairly new system that FEMA is sponsoring to enhance the local public warning systems nationwide. With the IPAWS alerts the EOC can notify citizens of incidents such as a declared civil emergency through automatic cell phone messaging for those cell phones and cell phone providers that are equipped to provide such messaging services (most major cell phone companies provide this service). The IPAWS system is now fully functional and ready to employ. The focus of the EOC now is to develop standards for use and create SOP’s that support the IPAWS.

Outdoor Emergency Siren System

The EOC also facilitates the ongoing maintenance of the Outdoor Emergency Siren System. In 2014, four of the siren servers were upgraded and the individual sirens are undergoing routine maintenance. Also in 2014, over 200 back-up batteries have been replaced and more than 85 sites have undergone maintenance this year.

EOC Training and Exercises

The EOC continues to host several other trainings and workshops including WebEOC training, Digital Sandbox training, EOC Operations Overview Presentations, and other Public Safety trainings. The EOC also participates in large exercises every year in an effort to help strengthen relationships and enhance skills with our public safety partners.​