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Media Release



Marion County Fireworks Ordinance in Effect 6/29​.pdf​​


The Department of Public Safety Announces Final Reports for the DPS Business Plans and Adminstrative Review Efficiency Teams 6/26​​


Indianapolis Department of Public Safety Announce Measures in Response to Influenza Outbreak 1/16
Great Central US Shakeout 2/5
Review of the Marion County All Hazard Warning Siren 2/13
Winter Storm Warning 3/24
St Patrick Parade 3/13
Indianapolis/Marion County will participate in Statewide Outdoor Warning Siren Test 3/25
Arrest made in Indianapolis bomb threat 4/19
Free Training Workshop: Preparing for a Disaster 4/22
Technology to be Showcased Enhancing Camera Capabilities 5/2
56th Street Detour due to Pipeline Spill 5/9 Indianapolis Director of Public Safety Media Availability on Race Day May 26 5/23Heat Preparedness 6/12Lightning Awareness Week 6/24
The Department of Public Safety Announces Launch of the Disaster Review Team-Richmond Hills Incident 7/16
Department of Public Safety on the Forefront of Cyber Security 9/9
Mitigation Plan Update Public Meeting 9/13
Indianapolis Homeland Security Chief To Speak At Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar 11/7
DHS Chief Joins the Security Industry Association as an Advisor for the Education Industry Group 11/6 
Canine Provided By the Officer David S. Moore Foundation 11/8 
Winter Weather Awareness Week 2013.pdf
IMPD Media Release Holiday Safety Tips 2013.pdf
Winter Storm Update 120613.pdf
Extreme Temperatures Overnight in Indianapolis, Be Prepared 12/11


Resignation letter.pdf
JIC General Information 1/26/12
News Release ROC Opening 12512.pdf
Street Closures for Media Day 1/31/12
Super Bowl XLVI Safety Tips 2/1/12
Public Safety Response to Crowds 2/4/12
Public Safety Director 
High Heat Index 5/26/12
High Heat Index Clarification on available resources 5/27/12
Lightning Awareness Week 062212.pdf
News Release CERT Training Now Available in Spanish 062312.pdf
News Release Heat Preparedness 062712.pdf
IFD Chief Order Prohibiting Open Burning Per Fire Code - 2012.pdf
Heat Preparedness Update 062812.pdf
Halloween Safety Tips 2012.pdf