Severe Weather
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Severe Weather Awareness Information - Don't get caught unprepared!  Make sure you and your family have key information to stay safe. Click here for  information on severe weather from The National Weather Service.

Photo of Tornado AftermathThe entire population of Marion County is vulnerable to the consequences of severe weather.  The county has experienced damage associated with severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, straight-line winds, hail, flooding, severe winter storms, blizzards, and ice storms.  Indiana leads the region in damage caused by straight-line winds.  Severe weather can cause home and business structural damage, power loss, street blockages, and local and generalized flooding.

Heavy rains over a period of days may cause flooding along the White River, Eagle Creek, and Fall Creek areas.  Areas most frequently effected by river and stream flooding are generally along the White River from the northern County Line to approximately 6200 North (The Ravenswood area), approximately 2700 to 3600 S. Harding Street (Perry Township), and the area bounded by 4300 south to 5500 south and Mann Road to Harding Street (Decatur Township).  Flooding along Fall Creek historically has occurred in the vicinity of 56th Street and Fall Creek Parkway (Washington Township).

The county has not experienced a drought in recent memory, although it has gone through heat waves in 1987 and 1993.  A drought could cause economic hardship as crops in the area might fail; it could also cause an increased danger of Wildland fires and water shortages.