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DPSC Systems


DPSC is responsible for providing a county-wide Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD). This system provides police, fire and EMS communication centers to create and track calls for service and other police, fire and EMS related activity. The CAD system consists of several modules that provide services at multiple levels in a dispatch center and in the field of public safety. These services include call input, call dispatching, call status maintenance, event notes, field unit status and tracking, and call resolution and disposition. This system was installed in 1991 by Tiburon Inc.


Portable Radios

  • Motorola XTS 2500
  • Motorola XTS 3000
  • Motorola XTS 5000
  • Motorola XTS 5000R

Mobile Radios

  • Motorola ASTRO Spectra
  • Motorola XTL 2500
  • Motorola XTL 5000


Since 1996, DPSC has owned and operated a paging system. In 2002, DPSC replaced the Motorola Unipage system with the current Zetron 2200 paging system. Interestingly, there are between 6,000 and 10,000 pages sent daily, and between 100 and 200 pages can be sent per minute.

When submitting pager changes, DPSC needs the pager number or cell number and provider, name, agency, officer id, unit number, detailed list of group pages you need to receive, and information concerning the new pager and number.

Communications Vans

When critical incidents occur, it is crucial that responders have ready communications and data capabilities. DPSC has two 40 ft. communications and command vehicles. These vehicles have full access to the DPSC systems and often serve as a command post for events and incidents, while providing protection from the elements in a secure setting. The addition of connectivity to the Emergency Operations Center through the WebEOC program, a mobile repeater radio system, and a Motorola MotoBridge​™ System have increased the van's capabilities.

Ashton Brandyberry and Katie Graham are the scheduling coordinators for the DPSC Communications Vans.

Alex Chabra is the training coordinator for the DPSC Communications Vans.

Fire Records Management System (FRMS)

DPSC is responsible for the county-wide Fire Records Management System. This integrated system provides fire and EMS reporting as well as fire prevention, training and personnel modules. This system is integrated into the Computer Aided Dispatch system. The FRMS system was installed in 1994 by Tiburon and updated to the 24Seven FireRecords system in June, 2010 (see project updates section).

The 24Seven FireRecords software tracks complete fire incident management and integrates data from the CAD and field inspections. The system also generates reports that accommodate NFIRS 5.0 Federal reporting requirement, records, all key operational information and includes tools for analysis and management functions.

The 24Seven software has an easy to use Microsoft Windows system with full Web functionality. It also has real-time XML Web Services. Forms and reports can be individualized with user-defined rules and data elements. 24Seven has the capability to meet not only present demands, but also future demands and has comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities. 24Seven has more efficient reporting capabilities than the current system.

Police Records Management System (PRMS)

DPSC is responsible for the county-wide Police Records System. This integrated system provides police agencies a reporting system as well as training and personnel modules. This system is integrated into the Computer Aid Dispatch system. The system was installed in 2000 by Tiburon and enhanced in 2006.

Crystal Reports and other data mining programs are used to extract statistical data from the system.

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