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Please send the following reports to Ashton Brandyberry or Matt Hovis​
  • Event Radio Request Form_v3.0.pdf​ (to request radios, accessories, talkgroups, or Comm Vans).
  • Audio Database Issue Form (Locution Fire House Alerting)
  • DPSC Incident Report (to notify of coverage issues with voice and data).
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q:  I work a lot of overtime and do not have time to re-charge my battery. Can I come to the helpdesk and get a second battery?

    A:  During the radio upgrade, bonds were used to purchase one battery per radio. In order to receive a second battery, authorization from the appropriate agency representative must be provided to the Customer Service Manager allowing DPSC to issue a second battery and bill the agency. To determine if your agency has this agreement in place, please contact the DPSC Customer Service Manager. 

    Q:  How late is the DPSC Help Desk open?

    A:  The DPSC Help Desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays.

    Q:  I'd like to get a group added to my pager.  How do I get it added?

    A:  Basic pager groups can be added without authorization; however, specialty groups, i.e. SWAT, Covert, etc., require written authorization by a Division Commander, Major or above.   

    Q:  Can I buy pagers from eBay?

    A:  No.  DPSC is not able to program pagers that are not compatible with our paging system.

    Q:  My battery is dead.  Can I swap it out with one of DPSC's?

    A:  DPSC can swap a dead battery with a charged battery if the battery is under warranty.  DPSC cannot issue an additional battery without approval from a Major or above, as additional batteries are billed to the agency. 

    Q:  The amplifier in our fire house is blown, what do we do?

    A:  DPSC does not maintain Fire House Alerting System amplifiers.  You must contact a local electronics dealer to have your amplifier either repaired or replaced.

    Q:  My batteries are getting low in my pager.  Can I stop off at DPSC and get new pager batteries?

    A:  DPSC does not supply batteries for your pager. Please contact your agency or its Quartermaster for batteries.