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Please send the following reports to Ashton Brandyberry or Matt Hovis:

Frequently Asked Questions

I work a lot of overtime and do not have time to re-charge my battery. Can I come to the helpdesk and get a second battery?
During the radio upgrade, bonds were used to purchase one battery per radio. In order to receive a second battery, authorization from the appropriate agency representative must be provided to the Customer Service Manager allowing DPSC to issue a second battery and bill the agency. To determine if your agency has this agreement in place, please contact the DPSC Customer Service Manager.

How late is the DPSC Help Desk open?
The DPSC Help Desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays.

I'd like to get a group added to my pager. How do I get it added?
Basic pager groups can be added without authorization; however, specialty groups, i.e. SWAT, Covert, etc., require written authorization by a Division Commander, Major or above.

Can I buy pagers from eBay?
No. DPSC is not able to program pagers that are not compatible with our paging system.

My battery is dead. Can I swap it out with one of DPSC's?
DPSC can swap a dead battery with a charged battery if the battery is under warranty. DPSC cannot issue an additional battery without approval from a Major or above, as additional batteries are billed to the agency.

The amplifier in our fire house is blown, what do we do?
DPSC does not maintain Fire House Alerting System amplifiers. You must contact a local electronics dealer to have your amplifier either repaired or replaced.

My batteries are getting low in my pager. Can I stop off at DPSC and get new pager batteries?
DPSC does not supply batteries for your pager. Please contact your agency or its Quartermaster for batteries.