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Mission Statement


We will provide an appropriate, safe, and professional response to fire, medical and environmental emergencies.  We are dedicated to minimizing the loss of life and property through suppression, rescue education, code enforcement, investigation and other innovative programs.



Value Statements

The Indianapolis Fire Department is professional in all of its actions.

  •  Appearance and Behavior

  •  Respectful Attitude

  •  Caring and Compassion for People 

  •  Training, Preparedness and Readiness 

  •  High Quality Service

The Indianapolis Fire Department recognizes that
every employee is a valued member of the
Indianapolis Fire Department family.

  •  Team Oriented

  •  Input is Valued  

  •  Compassion Toward Each Other 

  •  Respect for Each Other 

  •  Communicate Openly at All Levels 

  •  Feel Secure

The Indianapolis Fire Department
shall strive to promote health, safety and welfare
at all times, in all actions through:

  •  Critical Incident Stress Debriefing 

  •  Employee Assistance Program

  •  NFPA & OSHA Standards

  •  Personal Fitness 

  •  Attention to Professional Needs

The Indianapolis Fire Department
is goal oriented and utilizes strategic planning
to achieve its objectives.

  •  Medium Range

  •  Long Range

  •  Comprehensive Budgeting 

We value a creative and proactive environment. 
As an integral part of the neighborhood
we operate in a manner that is sensitive and responsive
to needs and priorities of the community