CISM Activation and Authority
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Any personnel may contact the CISM Team Coordinator(s) for a one-on-one meeting for him/herself or for any other individual at any time.

The CISM Team Coordinator(s) can be contacted directly using any of the numbers on the list or through MECA and asking the dispatcher to
page the CISM Team Coordinator(s).  However, it is not necessary to go through communications or the chain-of-command.


IFD Officers and supervisors are responsible for identifying/recognizing significant incidents that may qualify for debriefing.   A significant incident may include any incident where the probability is high for a negative stress reaction to the incident by one or more members. When an incident is identified, a request for debriefing consideration should be made through the CISM Team Coordinator as soon as possible.  The coordinators may be contacting using numbers on the list or through MECA.


Any officer may initiate the debriefing process by contacting the Incident Commander at the scene.  The Incident Commander will contact the coordinators through the numbers on the list or
through MECA. 


Any member who believes a need for an individual, confidential session may initiate the process by contacting Life Services EAP.





Once the CISM Team is activated, the incident will be evaluated for the amount of intervention required.  The specific debriefing services utilized will depend greatly upon the nature of the incident.


The Coordinator(s), in conjunction with the Mental Health Professional, will determine the appropriate response and will be responsible for activating the appropriate number of team members to mitigate the incident.

Responding team members will report directly to the CISM Team Coordinator(s) for assignment, unless initially assigned elsewhere.

The Team Coordinator(s), or designee, will be directly responsible to the Incident Commander.


Team Member Responsibilities:


The team will be responsible for defusings and formal critical incident stress debriefings during and after critical and other incidents as defined in this manual.  One on one interventions, demobilizations and after care follow-ups are all team member responsibilities.  The primary team function is providing support services to career and civilian employees of IFD.