CISM Ethical Statement
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Ethical standards for all peer support workers serving public safety personnel is necessary to perform high standards of professional conduct.  Ethical behavior among CISM Team Members is expected at all times.  The professional and personal behaviors of each CISM Team Member reflects on the Team as a whole and on the Team's work.  Membership therefore bears with it the burden of the highest level of conduct both in and out of the workplace.  Team members will be held accountable for their adherence to all CISM guidelines as well as IFD policies and procedures.  CISM professional conduct guidelines include, but are not limited to:



1.  Each CISM Team Member's primary obligation is to respect the

integrity and promote the welfare of personnel, whether the personnel is assisted individually or in a group.  In a group setting, the CISM Team Member is responsible for taking reasonable precautions to protect individuals from physical and/or psychological trauma resulting from interaction within the group.



2.  Each CISM Team Member must avoid bringing personal issues to the peer support relationship, especially if the potential for harm is present.  Through awareness of the negative impact of both racial and sexual stereotyping and discrimination, the CISM Team Member guards the individual rights and personal dignity of personnel in the peer support relationship.



3.  In a group session, the CISM Team Member must respect confidentiality regarding all group participants' disclosures.



4.  When the personnel's condition indicates that there is a clear and imminent danger to the client or others, the CISM Team Member must take reasonable personal action or inform the mental health professionals.  In the absence of a mental health professional, a supervisor must be notified.


5.  Each CISM Team Member may consult with the CISM Team Coordinator, or Mental Health Facilitator about a client. Dual relationships with personnel that might impair the CISM Team Member's objectivity and professional judgment must be avoided.  Personnel should be referred to another CISM Team Member.