CISM Team Member Selection
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The team will be responsible for defusings and formal critical incident stress debriefings during and after critical and other incidents as defined in this manual.  One on one interventions, demobilizations and after care follow-ups are all team member responsibilities.  The primary team function is providing support services to career and civilian employees of IFD.


Guides the debriefing.

Ensures professionalism at debriefings.

Maintains communications with the coordinator(s).

Identifies ongoing training topics and team needs.

Conducts or directs after care as necessary.

Makes referrals.


Mobilizes team members for response to an incident.

Is liaison with department and other agencies.

Responsible for administrative matters.

Coordinates team selection process.

Attend regional or state meetings as applicable.

Maintain records of team activities.



May perform the introductory phase of the debriefing by establishing confidentiality, rules for debriefing and introduction
of facilitator.

Assist coordinator(s) as assigned.

Assist and take active roll with defusings and debriefings.

Attends team debriefings.

Request mental health assistance when the members training and resources are exceeded.

Assist in providing follow up services.

Remain informed and follow written protocols and procedures and guidelines of local and international organizations
associated with CISM.
Team members should be familiar with the laws which apply to their own professional jurisdiction.

Team members must respect the right of refusal to participate in an intervention.

Function only within the limits of their training.

Attend minimum of one meeting per year.

Attend in-service trainings.