CISM Team Member Training
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The selection process will be on-going.  Interested candidates should submit a departmental memorandum indicating their interest inbecoming a CISM Team Member to the coordinator(s).

When team openings exist or sufficient candidates have applied for team membership, the coordinator(s) shall initiate the selection process.

All team members, peer support workers and mental health professionals will be required to attend both initial training and continuing education.  Peer Support personnel will be selected for training by the Facilitator, Coordinator(s) and approved by the Fire Chief or his designee.


Peer Support Personnel will be required to successfully complete initial training by an approved provider.  Team members will also be required to attend on-going training.  The team facilitator, advisor or coordinator will recommend both team and individual training. 

The team facilitator (mental health professional) must be proficient and experienced with public safety agencies.  This will include ride along and meetings as necessary to accomplish the familiarity necessary for effective interaction with the IFD.  

Continuing Education of all CISM Team Members will be an ongoing process for each team member.  This will be provided through:

 Training classes provided by mental health professionals.

 Educational opportunities presented by outside  agencies.

 Seminars covering the topics of mental health.

While the training of CISM Team Members will be an on going process, it should be emphasized that members are not to be thought of as "Psychologists".  However, each CISM Team member will be trained to recognize certain signs and symptoms associated with stress and where to refer IFD personnel for appropriate assistance when required.  Educational activities within the IFD will emphasize counseling as an appropriate choice of action for those experiencing distress. 

Education and Training will be provided through:

Visitations to stations.  Each CISM Team member will be required to visit a station at least once each calendar month.  Station visits will be coordinated with the CISM Team Coordinator(s) to avoid duplication or omission.

Recruit training – each recruit class will receive training on how the 
CISM Team functions and what peer support assistance is available.  Additionally    each CISM Team member will be required to introduce themselves at each recruit  class.

 In-service training

 Supervisor training

 Personal contacts

 Seminars for Fire and EMS personnel.

Periodic meetings will be held to establish training, education and team direction. 

These meetings will be held quarterly and team members must attend a minimum of one meeting annually.

Any team member may be removed at any time.  All team members must remain in good standing with the department, attend meetings, respond to call outs and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the program guidelines.  Any breech of confidentiality is cause for immediate removal.