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Information Technology

Captain Dale Rolfson

Battalion Chief Phillip Reuter

Information Technology: Captain Dale Rolfson

IFD has operated a department wide computer network since 1994.  The local area network (LAN) links all IFD offices/facilities and offers IFD employees access to some of the finest office management and incident reporting software available.

Each of the 43 IFD fire stations houses at least one, and in some cases as many as four, high powered computers that allow the firefighters to track personnel information, complete master incident reports and use the latest version of Microsoft Office to perform day-to-day office functions.

The IFD LAN is connected to Indianapolis's state-of-the-art computer-aided dispatch center and incident information is downloaded to the IFD system the instant activity ceases at an emergency scene.  IFD uses the FRMS (Fire Record Management System)/2000 software to track incident information.  FRMS/2000 is developed by Tiburon, Inc., which is based in Fremont, California. Since 2011 IFD has utilized the TeleStaff reporting system for firefighter roster, vacation and other personnel related tracking needs. Telestaff was developed by Kronos and is used by public safety agencies across the country. Kronos is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA.

In addition to using the FRMS system for incident management, IFD uses its computers to generate e-mail, assign firefighters to training classes, assign personnel, and track organizational functions like the annual budget.