Support Services
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Support Services

Deputy Chief Jason Kelly

Logistics Bureau

Battalion Chief Mark Harvey

Fleet Management

Captain Brian Wisehart
Facilities Management

Support Services: Deputy Chief Jason Kelly

The IFD Support Services Division is responsible for the overall maintenance and purchase of facilities and vehicles for the Indianapolis Fire Department.  The division is also responsible for the maintenance of 53 buildings, including the IFD Fire Stations.

Support Services, commonly referred to as “The Shops”, lives up to its title.  Not only are fire trucks, engines, ladders, squads, and hoses in their realm of service and repair, but all fire houses, pool cars, and staff cars are included as well.  Support Services reaches across a broad band of City Governmental Departments including Purchasing, Special Operations, IFD Finance, and IFD Operations.  The division also works with a large number of vendors and contractors to insure that not only is IFD getting the best return on its investment of machinery and equipment, but that the safety of the firefighters, their equipment and their place of employment meet the highest standards.

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