Recruit School
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Recruit School


So you made it through the hiring process and you are in the next recruit class!  Good Job!  You should be proud of your hard work.  However, the fun is just beginning.  Recruit training with the Indianapolis Fire Department is a challenging, rewarding and exhausting experience!   

All new recruits attend the Indianapolis Fire Department training academy for  25 weeks.  This rigorous program offers classroom as well as hands on training. Physical fitness training is a daily requirement.  Many new recruits come to the Indianapolis Fire Department with prior Fire or EMS training.  Regardless of prior training or certifications, all recruits must attend all 25 weeks of the Indianapolis Fire Department recruit school.

Training FAQ's

Q:  What are the recruit school hours?

A:  As a recruit your day may begin with physical fitness training at 6:30 am.  Typically the day ends at 5:00 but that may vary due to the applications being taught that day.  School runs Monday through Friday and if necessary may include a Saturday.  You will be paid while in recruit school.  However, you will not be able to hold other employment while in recruit school.  Once you graduate you may resume your part time job, if you have one.

Q:  Do I need previous knowledge of fire fighting?

A:  No.  Previous knowledge is certainly helpful as it will make you more comfortable with the material.  However, you will learn everything you need to be a successful firefighter from the training staff at the Indianapolis Fire Department.  It is their goal to make sure that you are knowledgeable about the fire service while in a controlled, monitored environment.  You are there to learn and they are there to teach. Ask questions!

Q:  What areas of study are included in recruit training?

A:   Recruit class begins with a swearing in ceremony and then it is right to work.  The first week is orientation.  During this week you will be getting to know your fellow classmates, your instructors and what is expected of you as an Indianapolis Firefighter.  You will be measured for your Class A, Class B, Class C uniforms and your turnout gear.  While those are on order you will be told what you to wear to class, typically khaki pants and a collared shirt.  Beyond that first week, your recruit training schedule will include, but is not limited to 8 weeks of EMT class, 2 weeks of Hazardous Materials Technician class, 11 weeks of Fire School, physical fitness training 1 hour per day, Flashover training, Extrication training and exposure to the various tactical areas of the Indianapolis Fire Department.  These include Rope Rescue, Top Water Rescue, Dive, Confined Space, Urban Search, Fire Investigations and  Fire Prevention.  Once you graduate and are out in the companies you will have opportunities to expand and be certified on any of those areas that interested you. 

Q:  Do we get to do anything fun?

A:  Absolutely!  Your fellow classmates will become your lifelong friends on the fire department.  Several activities that you do during recruit class help create that bond.  Each recruit class is assigned a #.  For instance, Class #82 will be the next class hired.  Each class will design it's own slogan, class t-shirt with logo, class flag and service project.  During EMT class many evenings will involve study group sessions.   Toward the end of class there will be a family night where recruits invite their families in for dinner and show them what they have learned. 

Q:  Can I get college credit for what I have learned in recruit school?

A:  Yes!  Currently IUPUI and Ivy Tech both offer 18 hours of college credit for completed recruit school.  The Indianapolis Fire Department has a college incentive pay program that is based on the # of hours of college credit you acquire.  Recruit school training also qualifies for GI Bill Benefits.  If you are eligible, you will need to fill out a form once you are hired.

Q: When do I get my badge?

A:  At the graduation ceremony.