Donald H. Kilbourne
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Patrolman Donald H. Kilbourne - Died November 12, 1964

Donald H. Kilbourne

Patrolman Donald H. Kilbourne, 30, was injured critically about 7:40 pm on Tuesday, November 10, 1964, when his motorcycle struck a car at 18th and Meridian streets after skidding 45 feet.   He was admitted to Marion County General Hospital with head and internal injuries.  He died on Thursday, November 12.

Officer Kilbourne was traveling north on Meridian Street when the collision occurred.  The red lights on his motorcycle were flashing, and it is believed that he was preparing to stop a speeding motorist.  The driver of the car struck by Officer Kilbourne's motorcycle told police that he had stopped for the traffic signal at the intersection before proceeding.  Seconds before the collision, the driver saw the cycle and tried to stop.  The motorcycle struck the car's driver side door.  No charges were filed.

A funeral procession bearing the body of Officer Kilbourne was led by a squadron of motorcycle police as it passed by police headquarters.  A motorcycle with a black wreath across its windshield and a pair of boots facing backwards stood in the entrance to headquarters.  Forty uniformed police officers stood on the west side of Alabama Street, and 60 plainclothes officers stood on the east side of the street.

Officer Kilbourne was survived by his wife, Shirley, and three small sons, 1, 4, and 7 years old.  He was buried in Washington Park Cemetery. 

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