Edward H. Berry
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Patrolman Edward H. Berry - Died February 4, 1954

Edward H. Berry

Patrolman Edward H. Berry, 41, died of head injuries in General Hospital at 3:15 a.m. on Thursday, February 4, 1954, victim of a crash on Tuesday the 2nd at 16th and Harding Streets, just east of Victory Field. The crash occurred as Officer Berry chased a speeder.  During the chase, Officer Berry's motorcycle struck another car.  The impact threw him over the car's hood and 95' along the street.

The speeder Officer Berry was chasing got away.  The car into which Officer Berry's motorcycle crashed was driven by George P. Miller, 60.   A witness said Miller pulled on 16th from Harding.  The witness added that the officer was going too fast for Miller to avoid him.  Miller said he had the green light and that he did not hear the siren or see the officer until the crash.

Mr. Miller was charged with failure to give an emergency vehicle the right of way.  The charges were dropped in court on February 9 as Prosecutor Frank Fairchild called a grand jury to investigate the accident.  The findings of the grand jury are not known.

Services for Officer Berry were held at an Irvington Mortuary.  A police honor guard was stationed at the casket, and an American Legion color guard also attended.  The funeral procession passed police headquarters.  Former motorcycle police who worked with Officer Berry were the pallbearers.

Officer Berry was appointed to the department on April 16, 1947, after serving in the Army.  He was survived by his wife, Lillian; a son, Charles 14; and a daughter, Diane, 12.

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