Warren E. Greene
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Officer Warren E. Greene - Died December 20, 1975

Warren E. Greene

Officer Warren E. Greene, 53, was shot and killed on Saturday, December 20, 1975, when he and rookie officer, Ronald McClain, were dispatched to a family argument at 324 W. 26th Street at 4:12 pm.

During the argument, Clifford Howard attacked his uncle, John G. Howard, who drew a .38-caliber revolver and shot him.  When the police officers responded to the two story brick apartment, they found Clifford Howard in a pool of blood.  Officer Greene directed McClain to return to the radio car and call for an ambulance while he administered first aid.

As Officer Greene tried to locate Clifford Howard's pulse, John Howard emerged from a hiding place.  At the same time, Officer Charles Kaiser arrived on the scene.  As he neared the room, he heard Officer Greene speaking to John Howard, telling him to put the gun down.  Before Kaiser could enter the room, he heard shots and saw Officer Greene fall.

Kaiser drew his gun and fired six times, knocking John Howard down.  Kaiser ducked back out of the building to reload his weapon just as Officer Ernest W. Todd arrived.  With Todd covering him, Kaiser re-entered the building to try to give Officer Greene first aid.  Todd, with his weapon drawn, went to the fallen John Howard who still clutched his weapon.  As Todd reached for the gun, Howard pointed it at him.  Todd fired one round, striking Howard in the head.

Officer Greene was transported to Wishard Memorial Hospital where he died of two gunshot wounds in the upper chest.  Both Clifford and John Howard also were slain.  Police later determined the pair had been arguing over a $30 loan.

Officer Greene was a native of New Rochelle, New York, and was born on January 24, 1922.  He moved to Indianapolis in 1955 and became a member of the Police Department on September 20, 1956.  While in New York, Officer Greene had served 10 years on the New York City Police Department.  At home, Officer Greene's hobbies included listening to and taping music, gardening, and playing the organ.

Officer Greene was survived by his widow, Johnnie Ruth, and nine sons and daughters ranging in age from 36 to 14.

Services were held in First Samuel Baptist Church, with entombment in Washington Park North Cemetery on Christmas Eve 1975.

Source:  Indianapolis Star, December 21, 22, 25, 1975