Crimes & Incidents
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Crimes and Incidents

Many of the activities performed by members of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are documented in a Police Incident Report.  These reports are an official police record concerning the investigation of an incident or an offense.  Reports include information pertaining to what happened, where it happened, and who was involved.

A police incident report may document a crime (such as a robbery, assault, burglary, or drunk driving), or a report may document a service activity that is not a crime (found property, natural death, or located runaway).

Not all police activities require the completion of a police incident report.  For example, when an officer issues a ticket for "speeding in a school zone," an incident report usually is not necessary.  Likewise, when an officer issues a citation to a business for a false alarm, an incident report is not necessary, nor is an incident report required when an officer completes a crash report at the scene of a vehicle accident.

Police incident reports that document the occurrence of a crime provide the preliminary information needed for the classification of crime by the Uniform Crime Reporting Office.  Based on their classification, staff in the UCR office prepare the Crime Trend for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department's service district.

Links at the left provide access to crime trend reports and to an online mapping application that provides the ability to see what incident reports have been made by geographic area. 

In addition, information relating to the purchase of a police incident report may be found in the Services section of this web site.